Practical coffee filter: The COFFEE SPRINTER from Finum ensures a steady filter coffee without long waiting and annoying brewing of too much coffee, but is perfect for a cup

Enjoy coffee in the palm of your hand: The coffee filter is reusable and can be simply placed on a cup, cup or gl and is ready to use

Made in Germany: The high-quality micro-fine stainless steel is lightweight, durable, hygienic and tasteless. The plastic case and the frame are BPA for care coffee brewing

Ideal for a cup of coffee: Simply place the desired amount of coffee powder (preferably freshly ground) in the filter, pour with hot water, lid on the filter, wait for a short time

Information: Coffee filter with lid / drip tray for making coffee directly into a cup or cup. Micro-fine stainless steel fabric with BPA-free plastic. Dimensions: 9.52 x 9.52 x 10.54 cm

Weight 137 kg
Dimensions 9.53 × 9.53 × 10.54 cm


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