More taste: The infusion of the coffee provides a gentle extraction of the flavour. Enjoy the full body and the fine nuances of your favourite coffee with the One Cup filters.

More fun: This new, easy preparation mould is a pleasure for everyone not just for baristas. And One Cup allows you to brew the coffee infusion to additional aromas, like Chicory from France. You like your coffee a little more intense, then just let it brew a little longer. The regular infusion takes 3 4 minutes. And a longer infusion does not affect the good taste. Your mug holds more than 200 ml Just add some more coffee. The regular amount of coffee is 10 g / cup (200 ml).

More choice: Choosing the right coffee from your preferred roaster with the ideal grind remains up to you.

Less waste: Both our filters and the boxes are FSC certified. Take only the amount of coffee you will likely use even after use.
Fewer devices: Electrics consume energy and must be cleaned afterwards. You can do without this, because with One Cup coffee filters, you are well equipped everywhere, even on the go

Weight 350 kg
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 15 cm



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