Approvals: Organic garden coffee

Roast Level: Medium (Air Roasted)

Suitable Brew Types: Espresso, Moka Pot, Drip, Cafetiere, Aeropress

Grind Options: Espresso, Medium Fine, Medium Coarse, Beans

Overview: This value chain model has been established by Matti Foncha, his tireless efforts to collect farmer co-operatives in the West of Cameroon has led to these collectives producing some outstanding coffee.  The value chain approach focuses on these co-operatives growing high quality coffee in amongst their existing crops as an investment for their future.  The impact this has made is huge and benefits women, children and families for generations to come.

The love and care the farmers put into the entire process is easy to see in the coffee, the use of Java plants grown in African soil gives the coffee a unique flavour.

This coffee is washed on a community wash station we have had the privilege to invest in.

Profile: Salted caramel, chocolate and red berry.

Weight 227 kg


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