Its 185 mm blade is made of NITRUM® stainless steel, which is an exclusive formula of nitrogen steel that provides greater hardness, greater cutting power and improves the durability of the cutting edge.

  • It has alveoli, which help to prevent food from sticking to the blade of the knife. The shape of the blade is different from that of a chef’s knife, which will make it easier when chopping or cutting.
  • It is a forged knife, that is, it has undergone the forging process by red hot deformation, resulting in a solid knife in one piece.
  • Its handle has an anti-bacterial system, Bactiproof Silver®, which reduces the presence of bacteria, fungi and mold by 99.9%. It is also made of polyethylene (POM) with high resistance to detergents and high temperatures.
  • It comes in a case, which you can use later to store the knife safely.

Arcos knives have a 10-year warranty. To keep a knife in its optimum condition it is necessary to take care of it to the maximum following some simple maintenance tips so that, over the years, our knife remains as good as new.

Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 4.5 × 2 cm


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